Web-Based Analysis: eBASIS

April 29, 2015

Thomas Idiculla, PhD, is devoted to learning—from colleagues and patients alike. As director of McLean’s Mental Health Services Evaluation Department/eBASIS, he spends his days analyzing and aggregating those lessons to bring about improvements in patient care.

Idiculla designed and manages eBASIS, a web-based performance-measurement system used by McLean and hospitals worldwide to assess mental health outcomes. Integral to the system are two patient self-report tools: BASIS (Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale), a 24-item questionnaire in which patients assess areas of major difficulty, including relationships and functioning, at various intervals in their treatment, and a Perceptions of Care (PoC) survey, which focuses on patients’ perceptions of the quality of interpersonal care they’ve received. eBASIS subscribers access the system to generate detailed reports evaluating quality indicators from individual patient progress to program effectiveness.

Thomas Idiculla, PhD
Thomas Idiculla, PhD, director of Mental Health Services Evaluation/eBASIS

“At McLean, we’re committed to patient-centered care,” said Idiculla, noting the recent establishment of a Care Experience Committee comprising representatives from disciplines across McLean. “BASIS-24 and Perceptions of Care give us information we can translate into action items—and they give patients a voice, inviting them to be partners in their treatment. In psychiatric illness, you’re addressing not just the head, but also the heart. Asking whether patients feel listened to, respected—even satisfied with the food—enables us to do that.”

Idiculla’s gifts as a learner are complemented by his generosity as a teacher. He’s founder/president of Agape Partners International, a nonprofit offering health and family seminars and screenings in his native India. Last year, in three weeks, he gave 36 presentations in 18 cities.

“The seminars show that help is available, hope is there,” he said. BASIS-24 and PoC underline that message.

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