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Webinar: Tips to Help Children With Autism Thrive

June 19, 2020

Both the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and management of the condition can be frightening to parents. You may be unsure about the best ways to help your child, feel conflicted over treatment advice and suggestions, or feel that you may not be able to make a positive impact on their development.

Discover what motivates children, how to teach behaviors you want to see, and how to ensure that both you and your child are having fun.

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In a presentation on Friday, June 19, 2020, Laura D. Mead, MSEd, provided insights to support children with autism through the current pandemic and other unexpectedly difficult times.

Watch on demand. The webinar is available with English captions and subtitles in Spanish.

Autism Resources

Parents may find these games, available online, helpful:

You may also find this book useful:

About Laura Mead

Laura D. Mead, MSEd, a teacher and administrator with 20 years of experience in special education, is currently the educational administrator at Pathways Academy, McLean Hospital’s school for students on the autism spectrum, with and without co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses.

Ms. Mead’s background is in psychology, education, and art. She has taught elementary and middle school special education to students with social-emotional and behavioral challenges in both private and public school settings. Her interests lie in building students’ self-esteem within the therapeutic learning environment.

Learn more about Laura Mead.

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June 19, 2020

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