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Guides to Care at McLean Hospital

We are here to help you. At McLean Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with compassionate and respectful specialized psychiatric care. Together with you, we will seek to chart a path toward your recovery and well-being. The information in this section provides an overview of what you can expect at McLean and provides answers to questions and concerns that patients and their families and friends may have.

Guide to Arriving at McLean HospitalGuide to Arriving at McLean Hospital

Organized into sections for patients and for families and friends, we provide answers to frequently asked questions. The information regarding patient arrival and what to expect throughout the steps from arrival to admission is a comprehensive resource for those who may be unfamiliar with the process. This guide is also available in Spanish.

What Is Admission Really Like at McLean?

Guide to Inpatient CareGuide to Inpatient Care at McLean Hospital

This guide provides comprehensive information for patients, families, and friends regarding care for those who have been admitted to an inpatient unit at our campus in Belmont or at McLean SouthEast. This guide is also available in Spanish.

Guide to Transitioning from Inpatient CareGuide to Transitioning From Inpatient Care

Designed for friends and families of patients, this guide addresses the steps as their loved ones prepare to leave an inpatient unit at McLean. The guide is a useful resource for many aspects of the transition, whether to another level of care or to returning to the individual’s community. This guide is also available in Spanish.

Guide to ECT Treatment at McLean HospitalGuide to ECT Treatment at McLean Hospital

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is used to treat a variety of psychiatric conditions, including depression, mania, catatonia, and some psychotic illnesses. This guide walks patients and their families through the treatment and what to expect.

Student Guide to Mental Health TreatmentStudent Guide to Mental Health Treatment

Each year, more than 600 college students are treated at McLean Hospital. These young people come from more than 200 different colleges and universities to address a broad range of issues and psychiatric illnesses. This guide, written with direct contributions from students, for students, aims to answer questions and alleviate concerns.

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