Mclean Hospital

Levels of Care at McLean Hospital

McLean Hospital offers comprehensive mental health services for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with a range of psychiatric diagnoses and symptoms. Care is available at varying levels of intensity, from acute inpatient hospitalization to outpatient groups and individual therapy. McLean also provides robust informational and educational services for patient and their families, clinicians, and the general public.


Inpatient care is used for crisis stabilization when there is risk of harm to self or others. With the highest quality medical and psychiatric resources, McLean’s inpatient care provides 24 hour nursing supervision and care in a secure setting.


Residential care is best suited for people who are medically stable, need intensive treatment and round-the-clock staffing but are not at immediate risk of harm to self or others. McLean’s residential programs offer structured treatment programming alongside comfortable accommodations.

Partial Hospital

Partial hospital programs, also known as day programs, are an intensive, therapeutic level of care for patients who do not require full hospitalization yet who need more structure than is available in outpatient treatment. Day programs combine personalized treatment with the opportunity for patients to utilize new skills through independent living.


Outpatient services provide patient care without hospitalization and are the least intensive type of treatment. Patients live independently but attend appointments for psychotherapy and medications, and may participate in some psychotherapy groups.

Services, Schools, and Community Programs

McLean is home to several other programs including imaging services, specialized therapeutic schools, and community programs for individuals with severe mental illness, as well as for uniformed men and women who need addiction or psychiatric treatment.

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