Mclean Hospital

Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Information for Patients and Families

Some McLean services are utilizing telehealth (or virtual visit) appointments via applications like InTouch and Zoom.

If your provider informs you that your in-person appointment has become a virtual visit, that appointment can be conducted via your computer or smartphone.

Here are some best practices for videoconferencing and tutorials for launching your virtual visit appointment.

If you encounter a technical issue or have any questions, please contact our Telehealth Support team at the McLean Help Desk at 781.416.8940.

Virtual Visit Tips

Computer Best Practices

  • Restart your computer so it runs efficiently
  • Close any unnecessary programs and applications before you start your appointment
  • Update your computer regularly to help the performance and compatibility of your computer
  • Know where your volume control is so you can adjust the volume to your liking or mute/unmute your speakers

Webcam Best Practices

  • Be at least 3 feet back from the camera
  • Have your shades drawn and avoid backlighting
  • Look at the camera when you are speaking instead of the computer monitor
  • Keep background noise to a minimum by closing doors and windows nearby
  • Silence your cellphone before starting the appointment

Accessing Partners Virtual Visits (powered by InTouch Health)

1. Once your provider schedules the virtual visit, you will receive an auto-generated email with a link to join the visit at the time of the appointment.

2. Just prior to the time of the appointment, click on the Join Visit button in the email.

  • For Windows/Android users, InTouch doesn’t work with Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is your default browser, instead of clicking the Join Visit button, copy the link provided in the email and paste directly into Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • For Mac/Apple users, InTouch does work in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Alternatively, there is an app available for iPhone and iPad. The app can be accessed via the App Store.

3. When the welcome screen appears, click on the Check-In button, then enter your name as prompted.

4. Your provider will initiate your virtual visit when ready.

  • While waiting for your provider you may run a test connection by clicking on Test Connection
  • When prompted, make sure to allow access to your microphone and camera

5. When the visit begins you will see:

  • 1 – The provider’s webcam appears in the left pane
  • 2– A smaller pane displays your webcam
  • 3 – A vertical gray bar provides a variety of functions

Screenshot of virtual visit screen

These options are available onscreen:

  • 4 – Open a chat window to communicate with the provider if experiencing audio problems (note: the chat is not saved or logged as part of the medical record)
  • 5 – Select a webcam and microphone (Partners Virtual Visit automatically selects your computer’s default devices)
  • 6 – Mute your audio
  • 7 – Mute your webcam
  • 8 – End the virtual visit

6. Your provider will end the virtual visit.

  • You will be asked to complete a confidential survey; click Confirm button to begin the survey

7. It is a best practice to quit the application when you have completed your meeting.

Accessing a Zoom Virtual Telehealth Meeting

Providers who are conducting telehealth meetings via Zoom will send an email or calendar invitation that includes a unique meeting ID (a 9, 10, or 11-digit number) that is required to join a Zoom meeting via computer or phone.

1. Use the Zoom application to join the meeting.

2. Launch the Zoom application on your computer.

3. Click Join a Meeting.

4. Enter the Meeting ID number, then enter your name in the Screen Name box and click Join.

  • If you’re signed in, change your name if you don’t want your default name to appear
  • If you’re not signed in, enter a display name

5. Select Join with Computer Audio.

6. When you are finished with your meeting click Leave Meeting on the bottom right corner. Confirm by clicking on Leave Meeting.

7. It is a best practice to quit the application when you have completed your meeting.

Joining a Zoom Meeting via Teleconferencing

If you are joining via phone, you will need the teleconferencing phone number provided in the invitation from your provider. You do not need a computer or smart device to join a Zoom meeting by phone number. However, you will not be able to see your provider as you would using the Zoom application.

Group Therapy Virtual Visits

As some group therapy appointments become virtual visits via Zoom, there are updated patient policies regarding expectations for group participation.

Participant Agreement

By attending your visit, you are agreeing to the following behavioral expectations and privacy and confidentiality standards.

By virtue of your online attendance, you are agreeing to these terms. If patients violate this agreement, participation may be discontinued.

With any questions, patients or families may contact the privacy officer at 617.855.4680.

Personal Conduct

All participants have the responsibility to conduct themselves with respect for individuals, their rights, and their privacy during all program-sponsored treatment activities, including virtual visits. Certain types of behavior are deemed unacceptable and may in some instances result in discontinuation from the virtual group session or perhaps the program.

Privacy and Confidentiality

In order to protect your privacy and the privacy of each participant, and to help everyone feel safe about what they might share in the group, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • During virtual group visits participants must be in a private area, not a public place. A “private area” means you are the only person in the room and the door is closed.
  • You may not take screenshots, photographs, or recordings of any kind with any electronic equipment.
  • Please use headphones, when possible, to maximize the privacy and confidentiality of all group participants.