Mclean Hospital

Podcast: Animal Therapy With Jeff Fink

November 6, 2018

Through this podcast, you will meet our host Trevor, who in addition to working at McLean, also knows a thing or two about living with mental health challenges. With Trevor as our moderator, he will guide us through up close and personal conversations with clinicians, advocates, celebrities, and ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share.

Along the way, you’ll also get to know Trevor, as he opens up about his own experiences with mental illness, growing up in a Native American household, and traveling the globe as a documentary filmmaker.

In this week’s episode, Trevor introduces you to Jeff, whose experience with mental illness led him on a long journey that finally ended with him being paired with his service dog, Earl.

Jeff talks about how his life with Earl led to his founding of Go Fetch Wellness, an organization dedicated to integrating animals into a whole-person approach to mental health treatment.