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Podcast: Being Me With OCD With Nathaniel Van Kirk

November 12, 2019

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Trevor is joined by Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD, coordinator of clinical assessment at McLean’s OCD Institute. He talks about his personal journey with obsessive compulsive disorder and how he has used his own experience and recovery path to become one of the top clinicians/advocates in the United States.

Dr. Van Kirk also talks about why he volunteered for the Deconstructing Stigma campaign and why he thinks it’s valuable for clinicians to be open about their own mental health challenges.

Episode Highlights

  • Nathaniel recalls his first experience with OCD (02:00)
  • Nathaniel discusses how OCD can create a disconnect with reality (36:53)
  • Nathaniel describes “the sandwich” and how it’s an effective form of exposure therapy (47:13)

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