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Podcast: The Sum of Her Parts With Olga Trujillo

October 1, 2019

In this episode, Trevor talks with internationally renowned speaker and author Olga Trujillo. Olga bravely shares her story, including the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse she endured as a child, significant events which led to the development of dissociative identity disorder.

Olga explains how she retreated within her own mind each time she experienced trauma and discusses her dedication to helping others who are struggling.

Episode Highlights

  • Olga shares the way she retreated within her own mind every time she experienced trauma (29:57)
  • As her book was about to be published, Olga experienced extreme panic over what people would think about her story (37:41)
  • It was Olga’s panic attacks that led her to see a psychiatrist (41:55)

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