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The Office of Public Affairs and Communications manages all inquiries from members of the media seeking expert comment from McLean Hospital faculty. To arrange an interview, please contact one of our staff. If you need assistance after normal business hours, please call 617.855.2000 and ask to have Public Affairs paged.

Public Affairs
Phone: 617.855.2110

Media Policy

McLean Hospital's reputation for excellence in psychiatric clinical care, research and training attracts hundreds of inquiries from members of the local, regional, national and international media each year. The media often asks McLean Hospital experts to comment on a variety of topics, including the latest medical breakthroughs, scientific research, psychiatric health-care policies and feature stories. McLean Hospital enjoys a strong relationship with members of the media. In order to continue to ensure productive interaction with the media, the Public Affairs Office has established the following guidelines.

All interviews with members of the McLean Hospital staff must be arranged by a member of McLean's media relations team. When arriving on campus, all members of the media should go to the Administration Building, where they will be met by a member of the Public Affairs Office and then escorted to the interview/filming location.

To protect the privacy of McLean Hospital patients and families, Public Affairs must escort all reporters, producers, film crews and photographers on the McLean campus. Any unauthorized members of the media will be asked to leave the McLean campus.

Media questions regarding the location or status of a patient should be directed to the Public Affairs Office. However, it is hospital policy not to confirm or deny the status of any current or former patients.

Reporters must identify McLean Hospital staff by their McLean Hospital title in stories related to the staff member's work or role at McLean.

In compliance with the HIPAA privacy law, patients who agree to be interviewed or filmed must complete a media release form prior to the interview. If the form is not completed by the time of the interview, the interview cannot take place.