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Katie Lee Loatman, PhD

McLean Hospital Title
  • Staff Psychologist, Fernside

Harvard Medical School Title
  • Instructor in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry


Katie Lee Loatman, PhD, is a staff psychologist who has extensive training in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders (such as depression, OCD, and social anxiety) as well as substance use disorders in adults and adolescents. Dr. Loatman has specialized training in the delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches including exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy.

Dr. Loatman works as a psychologist in the Division of Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction at Fernside, a McLean Hospital Signature Addiction Recovery Program for patients with addiction and coexisting diagnoses. Prior to Fernside, Dr. Loatman worked at McLean’s Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program where she was involved in organizing the graduate student psychology practicum program.


Education & Training

  • 2011 BA in Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis
  • 2013 MA in Psychology, Stony Brook University
  • 2017 PhD in Clinical Psychology, Stony Brook University
  • 2016-2017 Pre-Doctoral Internship, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
  • 2017-2018 Post-Doctoral Fellowship, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Phone: 617.855.2932
Office Address: Fernside campus - 162 Mountain Road, Princeton, MA