Sanghyeok Ko, PhD

Sanghyeok Ko, PhD

McLean Hospital Title
Harvard Medical School Title
  • Research Fellow in Psychiatry


Sanghyeok Ko PhD, focuses on developing a human induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) cell generation method using non-viral delivery of reprogramming genes. To overcome the limitation of possible tumorigenesis in hiPS cells, several chromosome nonintegrating reprogramming methods have been developed using recombinant reprogramming proteins or episomal plasmids. With these methods many human iPS cell lines have been established from human neonatal and adult fibroblasts of healthy donors and also of patients with Parkinson’s disease, attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder, and multiple depression disorder.

Dr. Ko is also interested in the development of efficient differentiation method from human pluripotent stem cell into neuronal lineage cells and the evaluation method for the physiological properties of differentiated cells. With these methods the difference of the healthy and patient-derived neuronal cells can be precisely compared and therefore the pathology of neurodegenerative disorders can be better understood for greater strides in designing effective treatments.


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Education & Training

  • 1993 BA in Microbiology, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • 1995 MA in Immunology, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • 2006 PhD in Immunology, Seoul National University South Korea
  • 2008-Present Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, McLean Hospital


Phone: 617.855.2025
Office Address: Belmont campus - Mailman Research Center