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Yasmin Mashhoon, PhD

McLean Hospital Title:
Harvard Medical School Title:
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry


Yasmin Mashhoon, PhD, is a neuroscientist in the McLean Imaging Center and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Her NIDA-funded research utilizes multimodal neuroimaging methods (e.g., MRI, EEG/ERP, MRS) to measure drug-related changes in neural architecture, specifically altered brain chemistry, electrophysiology, and structure, and to investigate the consequences of these neurobiological alterations on cognitive task performance. Dr. Mashhoon also characterizes EEG reactivity to drug-related and tactile stimuli during stress and acute withdrawal conditions, across various clinical and psychiatric populations.

One current research focus is measuring differences in EEG smoking cue reactivity, as well as neurochemical and morphological alterations in adult brain architecture, related to age of smoking onset during adolescence. Other research interests include elucidating the effects of persistent alcohol and marijuana use on brain metabolite levels and structural maturation patterns that contribute towards suboptimal cognitive processing and maintaining drug dependence behaviors.


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Education & Training:

  • 2005 BA in Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
  • 2006 MA in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience), Boston University
  • 2009 PhD in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience), Boston University
  • 2009-2012 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging and Substance Abuse, McLean Imaging Center, McLean Hospital




Office Address:

Belmont campus - McLean Imaging Center, Room 108

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