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Adult Inpatient Services

Adult Inpatient Services

The Adult Inpatient Services take a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to patient care, using cutting-edge treatments, tools, and techniques to help ensure recovery. Working in close partnership with patients and families, clinicians create a customized treatment plan for each individual based on his or her specific symptoms, the severity of the symptoms, and other co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses. Our inpatient care focuses on acute stabilization as well as transitioning patients to less intensive treatment options or—safely and independently—to their home, community residence, or other outpatient treatment setting.

Treatment integrates a combination of cognitive behavioral therapies—therapy models that help patients connect thoughts and actions—with individual and group therapies, expressive arts therapies, and medication consultation to help patients manage their symptoms and restore their functional abilities. We also emphasize patient education to increase overall understanding of the illness and strengthen coping skills. The program helps patients to set goals towards stabilization and recovery.

Stock photoEach patient’s multidisciplinary treatment team—which includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, and nurse—works together to provide psychiatric stabilization, evaluate symptoms, conduct a full medication review, and identify family support. The treatment plan evolves to meet the ongoing needs of the individual in order to ensure the patient is set on a path to recovery with the greatest chance of success. Patients also benefit from access to experts and services throughout McLean Hospital including consultations, support groups, and an array of aftercare treatment options.

Patients’ structured daily schedules include a complement of group therapy sessions that highlight topics such as relapse prevention, symptom management, illness education, affirmation and coping skills, and many more. Our expressive arts therapy program incorporates music, art, and movement, which gives patients an enhanced sense of well-being. Research shows that expressive arts therapies improve clinical and behavioral outcomes and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Family involvement is a central component to treatment, with the permission of the patient, and regular family visits are built into the treatment schedule alongside family education to strengthen the patient’s social support system and improve management of the stress of caring for a loved one with mental illness. We also help identify appropriate social service agencies and community clinicians for each patient and family.