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College Mental Health Program

College Mental Health Program

Psychoeducational Groups

Best suited to students enrolled in college or on leave of absence for up to two years, these weekly group psychoeducational sessions are designed to offer coaching to students for co-managing student life and mental health. Participation involves attending weekly sessions to cultivate social skills and learn specific strategies for navigating and utilizing campus resources, managing stigma and relationships, and developing positive self-care as a student. Sessions take place on both Belmont and Cambridge Outpatient campuses.

Psychoeducational and Readiness Consultation

These comprehensive consultations evaluate the student’s educational and psychosocial experiences to date and make recommendations to the student and parents for resources and strategies to foster academic and personal growth.

The consultation includes an individual meeting with the student, a family meeting, a review of student’s records, a written report and a family debriefing session

College Psychoeducational Transition Support Program

Stock photoCMHP offers individualized support for students with mental health concerns who are returning to academic life from medical leave and/or treatment. For students actively enrolled in college, graduate school, or professional school following intensive mental health treatment at McLean Hospital, the program includes weekly check-in meetings to facilitate a seamless transition to college, campus visits, and individual or group coaching on “well-student” skills.

Sessions are held on the Belmont campus and at the student’s college or university.

Parent Support Service

This weekly psychoeducational support group is for parents who are seeking effective ways to support a college-aged son or daughter who is struggling with psychiatric illness. Best suited to parents of young adults who are in college or on leave of absence for up to two years, sessions take place on the Cambridge Outpatient campus.

Patient and Family Guides

We offer a number of resources to college students and parents, including comprehensive guides to help manage treatment expectations.