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College Mental Health Program

College Mental Health Program

The College Mental Health Program at McLean offers a range of services to college and university administrators, student affairs professionals and mental health providers.

Campus Consultations

As institutions of higher education seek to address the evolving mental health crisis in preventive and innovative ways, we offer consultations regarding effective resources, programming, policies and practices. We bring direct higher education administration experience in college mental health systems and extensive clinical expertise to the challenges facing college campuses. We are uniquely positioned to address national trends as we treat hundreds of college students from 200 colleges and universities each year. Our approach considers your unique campus climate and culture when working with you to create a comprehensive and coordinated mental health system that serves the evolving needs of your college students.

Your campus consultation may include:

  • Visit to your campus
  • Evaluation of your campus mental health system and concerns
  • Individual and group meetings with various administrators and mental health providers
  • Facilitated student focus group sessions
  • Opportunities for confidential input from key college constituents

You may select from a range of special areas of focus listed below to design a campus consultation tailored to your needs and concerns.

Special Focus Areas

  • Evaluation of your campus mental health system
  • Engaging student media for responsible coverage of campus suicide and prevention efforts
  • Case management programs for enrolled, high-risk students
  • Strategies and systems for addressing campus crises and critical incidents (e.g., deaths, accidents, suicides, stalking)
  • Strategic design, placement and introduction of mental health educational resources
  • Decreasing campus stigma
  • Effective collaboration with student mental health organizations
  • Strengthening coordination of campus services and communication on behalf of at-risk students
  • Strategies for effective academic and mental health advocacy within the context of confidentiality, right to privacy and fear of stigma
  • Interpreting FERPA and HIPAA
  • Establishing a “stigma-free” zone in the Dean of Students office—why it matters in mental health
  • Engaging parents appropriately
  • Working more effectively with unique student populations (e.g., International students and their families, GLBTQIA community, student athletes, Greek students, first year students, students who disclose mental illness post-admission, students with serious mental health concerns)
  • Strategies for implementing an effective mental health withdrawal and readmission process and policy
  • Integration of multicultural variables into campus mental health outreach, prevention and intervention

McLean Hospital College Database

The college database is an electronic clinical resource unique to McLean Hospital. The database provides critical information to help us work with students and their schools in the most effective and coordinated manner possible. Each participating school has supplied the hospital with important information including best campus contact, preferred campus protocol, the school’s policies for supporting a student’s return to campus post-hospitalization and available campus resources.

With this information at our fingertips, McLean clinicians can design discharge plans that incorporate the student’s specific campus resources. The college database content is for McLean Hospital use only.

To see if your college has completed the survey for inclusion in our database or to update an existing profile, please contact the CMHP. Please include your name, position and college/university.

You may also complete our College Database Survey which gives key information about your school’s resources, protocols, and policies to our treatment teams.

McLean Hosts: Schedule a Tour

CMHP staff have welcomed mental health professionals and administrators from over 50 institutions of higher education to our Belmont campus. These half-day visits allow us to engage more directly with the institutions whose students we serve and to improve support of students navigating both hospital and college systems. College mental health professionals and administrators who want to learn more about the CMHP, the range of clinical services that McLean offers, and the ways we can work together most effectively on behalf of students are encouraged to participate.

Each tour is designed to address the needs of the visiting schools and may include:

  • An overview of McLean’s College Mental Health Program and dialogue about challenges colleges face when supporting students with mental health concerns
  • An opportunity to walk through a student’s admission process
  • Dialogue over lunch with directors of programs that serve young adults
  • Time to ask specific questions and provide feedback about your campus trends, needs, challenges and how we can work together in the future

Please contact the CMHP in order to schedule a tour.

Invite the CMHP to Your Campus

In keeping with our objective to strengthen our existing and establish new relationships with the college mental health community, the CMHP staff frequently visit with college administrators, mental health professionals, and students on their campuses. Strong campus-community partnerships are necessary for supporting the growing mental health needs of students. By touring campuses and engaging with college professionals and students, we are able to learn about their unique challenges, culture, and needs.

We value the chance to learn about your unique campus culture, mental health challenges, and needs as they directly inform the developing work of the CMHP.

Please contact the CMHP to request a visit to your campus.