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Diagnostic Services

At the Neurology Consultation Service, we provide comprehensive evaluation and follow-up to individuals with complex neurologic disorders.

Staffed by trained specialists in adult and pediatric neurology, our program offers onsite laboratory services, neuropsychology diagnostic testing, EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment and state of the art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) facilities.

The service is a key component of McLean Hospital's Department of Neurology, which is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and is a major training site for psychiatry and neurology residents and neuropsychology fellows at Harvard Medical School.

Who We See

Neurology Consultation Service serves individuals with a myriad of conditions, including Alzheimer's disease and other dementias; Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders; seizures, including complex partial seizures; traumatic brain injury; confusional states; strokes; atypical psychiatric syndromes; developmental syndromes, including attention deficit disorder; learning disabilities; mental retardation; multiple sclerosis; brain infections, and brain tumors.

A complete consultation report is available to individuals and their referring physicians. Referrals for continuing treatment are also provided.

Program Leadership

Other Services

As part of our consultation service, we also operate the McLean Hospital Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology (NBN) consult service, which provides multidisciplinary evaluations for inpatients with complex, multi-faceted disorders.

Patients with psychiatric syndromes often also have neurologic disease or an unidentified dysfunction of the central nervous system. Similarly, patients with neurologic disorders often fall victim to devastating psychiatric symptoms. These patients therefore can greatly benefit from combined neurologic and psychiatric care.

Funded by the Sidney R. Baer Foundation, the NBN team consists of psychiatrists, neurologists. psychologists and neuroscientists. As a group we evaluate patients and work together to generate comprehensive formulations and treatment plans. This multidisciplinary approach is time-efficient and cost-effective, giving the patient and the patient's treatment team rapid expert opinion and recommended courses of action.


Neurology Consultation Service is located on the Belmont campus, in the Admissions Building. For more information on directions, parking, and local accommodations, please visit our Maps & Directions page.


For further information about our program, please contact our admissions coordinator:

Phone: 617.855.2354