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Division of Women’s Mental Health

Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program

Over the past decade, the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program has developed a model of treatment that is highly sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors. Emphasis is placed on the overall psychological health and functioning of the individual and not simply on identifying and working on trauma-related symptoms.

Given the highly chaotic and disrupted early environments of many trauma survivors, we emphasize the need for patients to develop solid relational skills and control of symptoms prior to embarking on the exploration and emotional release of traumatic experiences. Patients are encouraged to acknowledge and deal with traumatic history, while maintaining control, safety and functioning.

Patients receive help in gaining control over their own experiences so that they can proceed in treatment without being re-traumatized by the intense feelings and experiences that invariably arise throughout treatment.

We also offer a partial hospital program (day treatment) that provides an intensive care experience for patients who do not require inpatient hospitalization but need a more structured, in-depth form of treatment than is possible in an outpatient setting. Patients may utilize partial hospital services as an adjunct to individual therapy, as a transition from inpatient hospitalization or as an alternative to hospital care. The partial hospital program runs weekdays per week from 9 am to 3 pm.

Treatment at all levels emphasizes respect and collaboration, interpersonal relationships, psychological education and healing.