Mclean Hospital
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Our goal is to work with you to address your individual needs and to provide the best possible care that will allow you to return to your career, family and community.

In order to provide you with all the resources you need to recover, in a comfortable and safe environment, McLean offers a number of care options, including inpatient, residential, partial hospital and outpatient programs.

LEADER program components:

  • Stock photoSpecialized treatment for first responders who need to address issues of trauma, depression and or addiction
  • Inpatient treatment for life crisis and substance use disorders, including detox
  • Separate residential treatment programs for men and women
  • Outpatient programs providing individual and group therapy for men and women
  • Afternoon and weekend LEADER therapy groups with topics including: stress management, family impact, resiliency, healthy sleep, as well as medical complications and pain management
  • Exclusive access to the LEADER Consultation Team, experts in addressing the unique challenges faced by uniformed men and women
  • Priority access to all other McLean mental health specialty programs throughout our campuses
  • Specialized AA meetings for members of the law enforcement community
“I was diagnosed with catastrophic PTSD. No one could help me. I reluctantly went to McLean and my life is not only the best it’s been since the war, I’ve never felt this good in my entire life. Thank you McLean.”– A combat veteran of the Iraq war and local police officer