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Division of Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Lincoln Residence

Our program is designed to provide our residents with a structured, supervised supportive setting, where residents leave the house during the day to participate in intensive outpatient treatment.

A core function of our program is intensive care management. Through close daily communication with the resident’s outpatient team, the clinical team at the Lincoln Residence supports treatment and the acquisition of skills needed to achieve the highest levels of functioning. We place a special emphasis on creating healthy life styles and positive decision-making. In support of this, we offer an assortment of groups and activities during the week that draws on a variety of evidence-based interventions that have proven effective in controlling symptoms and increasing levels of health.

When intensive outpatient treatment is no longer required and activities such as work, school or volunteer work take on greater importance, the Lincoln Residence will continue to offer the same intensive care management activities, ensuring that the transition from treatment to a more normal life is successful.

We furnish an array of services at Lincoln to augment treatment and to support recovery including:

  • LincolnPsychiatric assessment and medication evaluation and management
  • Case management services, including ongoing consultation with the referring clinician, and aftercare planning
  • Group-based supportive therapies, patient education, spirituality, and life skills training
  • Family education and support
  • Vocational assistance
  • Nutritional assessment and education
  • Toxicology testing, when indicated

Program participants work toward acquiring new coping skills to enhance the gains made in their treatment. They manage their own medications, though assistance is provided for those who require it. Our goal is to help participants return to living as independently as possible and achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life.

A full spectrum of McLean ancillary health services are available at an additional charge, including neurological and neuropsychological testing and consultation, specialty imaging, and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic therapy (TMS).

Additionally, residents may receive specialized treatment for many types of psychiatric illnesses from McLean Hospital’s wide variety of psychiatric specialists. Residents also have access to private ancillary health and personal services in the greater Boston-Belmont-Lincoln community.