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Simches Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

McLean-Franciscan Child and Adolescent Inpatient Program

The goal of our strength-based treatment program is to promote safety and a sense of hope and stability, while encouraging active child and family involvement in treatment within the inpatient unit, and post hospital discharge. The program's cognitive behavioral treatment milieu offers expert diagnostic assessment, psychopharmacological treatment, and mobilization of the child’s family and support system alongside individual, group and family therapy, and school and psychoeducational services,

Diagnostic evaluation and multidisciplinary assessment of the severity of symptoms, presenting problem and cognitive functioning are completed within 24 hours of admission and a report of the results is provided to the treatment team. The assessment service also maintains a current database that tracks patient functioning at admission, discharge and follow-up. The Patient arttherapeutic program introduces the youth involved to a range of techniques, including positive behavioral support, designed to assist in stabilizing children in crisis, reducing high-risk symptoms, and beginning the acquisition of skills related to overcoming mental health crises.

A child’s participation in the structured daily program is an important part of comprehensive assessment and treatment. The daily schedule is designed to engage each child in a range of developmentally appropriate therapy, school, and daily living experiences. The structured activities help organize children in a time of crisis, provide opportunities to learn and practice important coping skills, and provide an assessment of each child’s response to different situations.