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Simches Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Pathways Academy

Pathways Academy believes that the parents and guardians of our students play an integral role in the success of our students. Our staff work together with students families in order to provide a single message of direction and support. We act to ensure that plans developed at home and with outside providers are supported at Pathways Academy, and that plans put in place at Pathways are supported while the student is not in school.

Stock photoPathways Academy’s Family Liaison is available throughout the day via telephone and email, and regular communication between families and staff is highly encouraged. We believe that an open and constant flow of communication promotes the highest level of continuity of care. Due to busy daily schedules, we suggest that phone conversations and conferences are pre-planned when possible.

Parents, guardians and sending school districts are welcomed and encouraged to visit Pathways Academy. Visits and observations can be scheduled by calling our main office. Meetings are held on as needed basis. Team meetings are planned annually for Individual Education Plan review and every three years to review mandatory evaluations.

A Pathways Academy “open house” is held annually. The open house provides an opportunities for parents and guardians to tour Pathways Academy and meet with staff. Pathways also holds two Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meetings each school year. These are informational and may be in lecture or discussion format. Pathways Academy host monthly “Coffee Groups” - these hour and a half sessions provide opportunities for parents and guardians to meet with fellow parents and guardians and our Family Liaison, and often another member of our faculty and staff.