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Simches Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Pathways Academy

Reading room
Students can use the Reading Room during break time or when they need private space. The Reading Room also houses a Nintendo Wii which is available to students on break.
Many Pathways Academy students have 1:1 speech therapy. The speech therapists work with other members of the clinical team to create and implement our Social Pragmatic Curriculum.
Classrooms are set up in a sensory-friendly manner. Rooms are carpeted for noise reduction and walls are kept clear of clutter to reduce visual stimulation. Alternative seating such a ball chairs and desk size rocking chairs are often available. Each classroom has a maximum of 4 students.
A buffet style lunch is served daily. Students and staff eat together, during which time students are prompted to engage in pragmatically appropriate meal time behavior.
Students enjoy exploring the many sensory tools and activities in the Occupational Therapy room, including various swings, a trampoline, a physio-pillow and therapy balls.
A lunch room and meeting room, the Day Room is a place to play games and socialize with peers.
Pathways Academy is located on the first floor of the East House building.
Planted by students and staff each year, the garden is worked on in classes ranging from Science to Health and provides fresh items for students in Culinary Arts class.
The back patio of East House is a great place to eat lunch, spend time with peers or complete assignments.