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Psychotic Disorders Division

Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

PACT is a community-based program that works in tandem with McLean Hospital’s services and expert staff. The program provides treatment, rehabilitation assistance, and support services to help individuals who have chronic and persistent serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other related disorders. PACT’s services may include assessment, comprehensive and ongoing clinical support, general assistance with day to day life, and more.

PACTThe goal of PACT is to provide continuity of care, tailored to the individual’s diagnoses, symptoms, and needs. Services are designed to facilitate access to treatment in order to manage symptoms, which can decrease the frequency and duration that an individual spends in higher levels of care.

By meeting with PACT participants in the community, the program not only provides support to help reduce the chances of readmissions, but also gives an individual the chance to become a partner in their own care. PACT works together with the patient to cooperatively develop a service plan that incorporates the individual’s treatment and personal goals.

PACT staff assist with all aspects of treatment including medications, therapy, crisis intervention, and more. With a focus on rehabilitation, an individual can work with the PACT team to develop or enhance skills to benefit work or personal life. PACT also offers assistance with obtaining support services and benefits. Many individuals with mental illness can take advantage of financial and educational services, legal assistance, and more.

PACT’s services also include social skills coaching, symptom education, vocational rehabilitation, family support and education, ADL coaching, coping skills development, and community integration assistance.

Participants in PACT may benefit from the program’s low patient to staff ratios, a high frequency of contact between the patient and clinicians, direct service provision from the PACT team, outreach in the community, and access to a medication prescriber. PACT uses open dialogue/dialogic practice and emphasizes a flexible person-centered approach focused on shared decision-making and peer support.