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Spirituality and Mental Health Program

The Spirituality and Mental Health Program conducts clinical, research, and educational activities across multiple clinical units throughout the Hospital. The program coordinates spiritually-based treatment groups for patients and their families and provides a consultation service for those who seek a more individually tailored approach to the integration of their spirituality in the context of their care at McLean. To facilitate referrals to McLean programs and ease the process of transition after discharge, the program maintains relationships with regional and national leaders of religious communities. McLean patients can also meet with our mental health chaplain upon request. The program trains and supervises hospital clinicians in how to assess for and address patient spirituality.

Alongside these clinical initiatives, the Spirituality and Mental Health Program engages in research collaborations with laboratories and clinical units throughout the hospital into the clinical relevance of spirituality to mental health, including the efficacy of spiritually-integrated interventions. The program also educates the public about these topics by disseminating key findings through the media.

McLean is uniquely poised to advance best practices in spirituality and mental health on a broader scale. The Spirituality and Mental Health Program thus aims to create replicable services and training programs and greatly advance current knowledge about spiritual issues for psychiatry, and ultimately change the field’s approach to spirituality and mental health by disseminating our practices and findings to other medical centers around the world.