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Psychotic Disorders Division

Waverley Place

Waverley Place offers an array of support and services. Community members determine which services they engage in and how often they participate.

Daily group therapy includes open discussion and activity groups, workshop classes for structured attendance, and the chance for members to facilitate or co-facilitate groups. The specifics of the schedule vary from day to day so that the groups attended over the course of a week cover a variety of topics including recovery, interpersonal skills, independent living, spirituality, finding meaningful work, living with condition symptoms, and smoking cessation. Group activities include board games, art, writing, music, gardening, cooking, and cognitive games. We also focus on fitness groups such as yoga, meditation, stretching, group walks, and trips to the gym.

Waverley PlaceWaverley Place’s social milieu helps members build connections and acceptance. We offer planned and impromptu social activities both within the program and in the larger community. Weekly outings include visits to various local establishments such as coffee shops, stores, farms, museums, art stores, and restaurants. Seasonal outings may bring members to beaches, parks, amusement parks, and orchards. Other special events include open mic nights, cookouts, holiday parties, and organizational walks (such as the annual National Alliance on Mental Illness walk). We also support members in their vocational pursuits by facilitating trips to job fairs, career centers, and local businesses.

Personal support and access to resources are crucial to sustained recovery. Individual support from Waverley Place staff helps members establish and carryout personal goals while mutual peer support from other community members helps individuals engage in meaningful activities and roles. There are ample opportunities to have conversations about stigma, discrimination, self-stigma, advocacy, empowerment, and suffering. We offer guidance and tools within the community to connect members with outside services to assist in vocational, educational, housing, financial, wellness, and personal needs, including access to trained benefit specialists. Individuals are given the opportunity to participate in research, both specific to Waverley Place programs and on other topics. At Waverley Place, members also have access to computers, art supplies, garden, meditation space, and a local athletic club.