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McLean Hospital and Universidad San Francisco de Quito Collaboration

Education and Outreach in Quito, Ecuador

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In an effort to increase mental health awareness, while reducing the stigma too often associated with psychiatric disorders, McLean Hospital and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), are collaborating to develop innovative and engaging campaigns to enhance mental health education throughout Ecuador.

Why Is McLean Doing Work in Ecuador?

Education and advocacy are key elements of the McLean mission, and the hospital has a deep-seated commitment to improving knowledge and understanding of psychiatric disorders and their treatments globally. Bringing the expertise of McLean internationally through a thoughtful multipronged approach that includes public and professional education, the hospital is working toward enhancing the overall knowledge of brain health and encouraging compassion and understanding for individuals living with psychiatric disorders.

Professional Training

McLean Hospital and USFQ are proud to present a multi-day conference focused on providing mental health clinicians with a review of best practices, opportunities to learn from case studies, and in-depth trainings on some of today’s most advanced clinical treatments for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and self-harm. At the end of the conference, participants will be more confident in their ability to diagnose and treat some of the most common psychiatric disorders in adolescents and adults.

Public Outreach

McLean Hospital and USFQ will host an “ask the experts” session that is free and open to the public. During these roundtable discussions, McLean Hospital and USFQ experts will discuss what every parent, student, and educator needs to know about depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide prevention, and substance abuse. Audience members will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own insights, as we believe engagement is critical as we look to increase mental health awareness and reduce its stigma.

Impact of the Collaboration

Through partnerships with McLean’s international collaborators, such as USFQ, McLean is delivering on its pledge to improve access to high-quality psychiatric care, research, and education by educating the world.

Facts About Mental Health in Ecuador

  • Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in Ecuador, followed by anxiety, stress, and substance abuse
  • Mental health stigma has a negative affect across the country and impacts the level of support and treatment that people receive
  • Suicide is the first leading cause of death among teen girls and the fourth leading cause among men
  • Ecuadorian men are three times more likely than women to die by suicide

Our Partners

USFQ is the highest-ranked university in Ecuador and is ranked number 57 in Latin America. Each year, it welcomes 8,393 undergraduate and graduate students representing more than 80 nationalities and countries (including 500 indigenous students and 1,000 international students). The university encompasses 967 teachers and staff, 10 colleges and academic schools, and 51 careers. The USFQ is classified in the highest category (Category A) by the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education and is the only fully private university in Ecuador in this category.