Mclean Hospital

SHAPE: Successful Healthy Aging Prevention and Education Brain Health Course

This educational course focuses on techniques to promote healthy brain aging and is ideal for older individuals and/or their adult children. Taught by McLean Hospital clinicians, SHAPE’s curriculum is based on scientific evidence regarding topics that have been shown to contribute to brain health. SHAPE is offered by McLean’s Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Through lifestyle choices, medical management, and use of cognitive strategies, course goals include:

  • SHAPE logoUnderstanding the distinction between normal aging and dementia
  • Reviewing cognitive strategies to address common difficulties such as word-finding problems, misplacing personal items, and recalling appointments/tasks to be done
  • Using technology to track information and provide brain stimulation
  • Managing coexisting medical problems
  • Reviewing stress management techniques
  • Learning about healthy diet/nutrition and exercise recommendations to support brain, heart, and cognitive health

For more information about SHAPE, contact Laura Igo at 617.855.3183.