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The Pavilion: Providing Transformative Mental Health Care for 20 Years

More than 20 years ago, McLean Hospital launched a unique residential program focused on helping patients get a clearer picture of their mental health. This self-pay service, The Pavilion, continues to provide unparalleled diagnostic care today. When its doors were opened in November 1999, The...

Video: Elizabeth’s Journey to Recovery

Elizabeth struggled with her mental health until a friend suggested The Pavilion. Watch Elizabeth share her mental health story and how her time as a patient at The Pavilion helped her on her journey to recovery.

Alexander Vuckovic, MD

Since 1999, Alexander Vuckovic, MD, has been medical director of The Pavilion, where he has overseen the care of more than 2000 patients, in addition to thousands more in his outpatient practice. He has spent his entire 34-year post-residency career immersed in the diagnosis, clinical care, and...