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Technology in Psychiatry Summit 2019: Request for Proposals

The Future of Mental Health Across the Life Span

Kimberlyn Leary, PhD, MPA, speaks at the Technology in Psychiatry Summit

McLean Hospital’s Institute for Technology in Psychiatry invites you to submit proposals for oral and poster presentations at the 2019 Technology in Psychiatry Summit. Proposals are due by Friday, June 14, 2019 11:59pm EST, and selected presenters will be notified by July 8, 2019.


Tremendous advances in science and technology have enabled greater understanding of the brain. As technology becomes more sophisticated, accessible, and affordable, psychiatry has at its disposal, a new generation of tools that offer innovative insights into behavioral health across the lifespan from the molecular to the population level.

McLean Hospital’s Institute for Technology in Psychiatry (ITP) brings together thought leaders in health care, data science, technology, industry, patient advocacy, academic research, and beyond for this two-day summit to build on the promise of technology in the diagnosis and delivery of mental health care across the life span.

We invite participants to submit proposals for 20-minute oral presentations or posters relevant to the conference theme, “The Future of Mental Health Across the Life Span.” Oral presentations can be focused on a specific project or a perspective relevant to one or more of the content areas. We will organize selected oral presentations into panels anchored by the content areas listed below. Posters should focus on a specific research project related to technology in psychiatry, but do not have to connect to a specific content area.

Proposal Requirements

Applicants should select 1-2 themes from list below for the proposal. The proposal needs to include the following sections:

  • Abstract (500 words maximum): Briefly summarize the research or topic to be presented. Abstracts structured by introduction, methods, results, and discussion are preferred.
  • Statement of interest (250 words maximum): Briefly describe research interests, past work, and/or education that align with the overall event purpose.
  • Curriculum vitae in PDF format.

TIPS 2019 content areas:

  • Computational psychiatry
  • Artificial intelligence for mental health treatment
  • Digitized diagnostics in psychiatry
  • Integrating digital tools into psychiatric patient care
  • Translating data science into mental health interventions
  • Tech-based support tools for caregivers and families
  • Privacy and policy surrounding technology in psychiatry

Proposal Submission

Please submit proposals no later than Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.


Selected presenters will be notified by July 1, 2019.

Please note: Selected speakers will receive complimentary registration. No support for travel or accommodation will be offered.

Applicants requiring clarification can contact Aniqa Rahman at 617.855.3257 or Praise Owoyemi at 617.855.2499.