Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program

Safe and secure care for individuals in crisis

Supporting Trauma Survivors

The Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program provides comprehensive treatment for adults who live with the effects of childhood abuse or other painful traumatic events.

If you struggle with intrusive thoughts and feelings related to traumatic events, emotional numbing and social isolation, memory difficulties, altered perceptions and personality fragmentation, our program may be right for you.

Our staff is particularly attuned to the needs of our patient population and has extensive experience working with individuals who struggle with conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and personality disorders.

The program uses a model of treatment that is highly sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors. Emphasis is placed on the overall psychological health and functioning of the individual and not simply on identifying and working on trauma-related symptoms.

Patients receive help in gaining control over their own experiences so that they can proceed in treatment without being re-traumatized by the intense feelings and experiences that invariably arise throughout treatment.

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Treatment at the Intersection of Compassion and Innovation

At McLean, we understand that trauma disorders and symptoms caused by traumatic events or experiences can be unique to the individual. Let us show you why McLean is a leader in the treatment of PTSD and other trauma-related disorders.

Treatment Team

Program Leadership

Michael B. Leslie, MD

Michael B. Leslie, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Leslie’s clinical and research interests include challenges facing the LGBTQ community (especially mental health disparities and positive identity formation) and issues affecting survivors of trauma (including complex PTSD). He is committed to training and serves as a supervisor and teacher within the MGH-McLean residency. Dr. Leslie is the founder and director of the McLean Hospital Initiative for LGBTQ Mental Health.

Sherry R. Winternitz, MD

Sherry R. Winternitz, MD, Clinical Director, Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Programs

Dr. Winternitz provides clinical and administrative oversight for the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program and for the Hill Center for Women. She is currently co-investigator on a research project led by Milissa Kaufman, MD, PhD. This study is designed to evaluate the neurobiological basis of traumatic dissociation using neuroimaging techniques and genetic analysis.