Child and Adolescent Treatment Programs

Their success is our success. At McLean Hospital, we thrive on supporting young people and giving them the skills they need to be successful in managing their mental health. Call us today to find the care that will help set your child on the path to recovery.

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Compassionate Care, Exceptional Outcomes

As the brain and body develop from infancy through adulthood, children and teens may encounter an array of challenges.

While some concerns are easily resolved, others require compassionate mental health experts to provide assistance and guidance to families as they navigate the challenges of child and adolescent mental health.

Child and adolescent care focuses on mental health symptoms and diagnoses as they apply to youth development and is focused on supporting young people and their parents and families on the path to recovery.

While kids and teens can struggle with most any mental health condition, there are a few conditions that are more often present in younger individuals. Depression, anxiety and OCD, ADD/ADHD, autism, addiction, and personality disorders are common among youths.

Set Up Your Child for Lifelong Success

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Like physical illnesses, the sooner mental illness is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcomes. Help your child by learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges.

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