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Video: Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine

Available with English captions.

Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, American Medical Association – Women in Medicine & Science Month

Now, more than ever, women are on the front lines of medicine—playing an integral part in protecting the public’s health in a once-in-a-lifetime health emergency. But even as women continue to take on more leadership roles and responsibilities in health care, persistent gaps remain that keep women on unequal footing compared to their male counterparts.

Harris explores the opportunities and obstacles women face at this historic moment in medicine and highlight the steps the American Medical Association (AMA) is taking to create gender equity in medicine.

Highlights include:

  • Information on how the AMA is supporting physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Details on some of the efforts of the AMA’s Women Physicians Section to promote gender equity in medicine
  • Discussion on how achieving gender equity in medicine requires a collaborative effort on the part of institutions and individuals
September 24, 2020

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