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Video: COVID-19 and Global Mental Health: Threats and Opportunities

Available with English captions.

Shekhar Saxena, MD, FRCPsych, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health – Visiting Scholar Series

In This Presentation

COVID-19 is posing a major threat to our mental health, which at the best of the times, has been one of the most neglected areas of health. As we scramble to strengthen our mental health services, some of the lessons learned over the years from global mental health are worth applying in policy and practice. These include taking a public mental health approach, attending to socioeconomic determinants, using innovative models of care, incorporating technology appropriately and, of course, investing more. Are we going to continue doing more of the same or build back better during the pandemic and after?

Highlights include:

  • Explanation of various ways in which COVID-19 pandemic is affecting mental health at a population level around the world
  • Description of ways in which public mental health interphases with clinical care
  • Identification of innovative ways to strengthen mental health systems, now and after the pandemic
October 22, 2020

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