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Video: Dr. Chris Palmer Shares Strategies to Help Us Strive for Mental and Physical Wellness

Available with English captions and subtitles in Spanish.

Watch Dr. Chris Palmer as he explains the relationship between diet, sleep, and stress, how eating well translates to better overall mental health, and ways to better refine these habits to feel your best through COVID-19 and beyond.

About the Webinar

Mental health is impacted by many outside factors, from what we put into our bodies to how much rest we take.

Self-care is more important now than ever to keep your immune system strong, your mental health in good condition, and your sleep cycles consistent. During a global health crisis, how can we ensure that we’re taking care of ourselves to keep us fully balanced?

Dr. Chris Palmer offers strategies to help us improve our overall mental health.

Diet and Mental Health

You may find these articles by Dr. Palmer helpful to learn more about connections between diet and mental health:

About Dr. Palmer

For over 20 years, Christopher M. Palmer, MD, has focused his clinical work on treatment-resistant cases, and recently he has been pioneering the use of the ketogenic diet in psychiatry, especially treatment-resistant cases of mood and psychotic disorders. He is currently the director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Learn more about Dr. Palmer.

More COVID-19 Resources

It’s important to think about ways to manage your mental health during these difficult times. McLean is committed to providing mental health and self-care resources for all who may need them. You and your family may find these strategies from McLean experts helpful to feel mentally balanced and safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Learn more on our COVID-19 mental health resources page or get access to our COVID-19 Webinar Series.

May 14, 2020

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