Lara Mangravite on Open Systems That Engage Participants and Accelerate Research (TIPS 2017)

Technological and social advancements are changing the way science is conducted. Methods for remote data collection, collaboration, and data sharing have led to new approaches to mental health research that transcend geographical and institutional boundaries. In this session, speakers discuss how we might conceptualize a laboratory of the future to lead us to a better understanding of mental health, the brain, and behavior.

This talk was part of the 2017 Technology in Psychiatry Summit, sponsored by the McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry on November 6-7, 2017, at the JB Martin Conference Center, Harvard Medical School. Part of panel Reinventing the Psychiatric Laboratory.

Lara Mangravite, PhD, is president of Sage Bionetworks. She develops and implements open community-based research methods to address complex biomedical research problems. These include the use of mobile technology to facilitate remote and frequent exchange of information between scientists and research participants.

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