Lecture – Challenges to Evidence-Based Practice in Indigenous Community Mental Health

Available with English captions.

Joseph P. Gone, PhD, Harvard University – Visiting Scholar Series

Native American communities exhibit alarming disparities in mental health and associated problems.

Despite such needs, advocates and professionals in these settings insist that mainstream clinical interventions are frequently irrelevant and ineffective on cultural grounds. Instead, in the wake of a brutal Euro-American colonization, many Native Americans today assert that “our culture is our treatment.”

This presentation reviews Native American concerns and critiques of evidence-based practice in community mental health to ensure that researchers, professionals, and providers are prepared to address these challenges when undertaking service delivery within Indigenous communities.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Summary of Native American dissatisfaction with conventional mental health treatments and services
  • Explanation of Native American commitments to traditional cultural practices and activities
  • Discussion of characteristics of a culturally-grounded, alternative Native American approach to mental health treatment