Lecture – Using a Collaborative Model to Improve Detection and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Available with English captions.

Presented by Christine M. Peat, PhD, LP, National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders – Visiting Scholar Series lecture

As the prevalence of eating disorders rises, access to evidence-based practice is dangerously limited. Moreover, misinformation about eating disorders is pervasive, and the public is challenged to separate the accurate from the harmful.

Despite the known consequences of eating disorders on physical and psychological health, only 20-57% of those with eating disorders ever receive treatment.

One important barrier to care is limited knowledge about and comfort with treating eating disorders among physicians—despite an expressed desire for more comprehensive training. Similarly, patients and families are faced with a deluge of inaccurate and sometimes harmful information about eating disorders and their management.

Thus, an inadequately trained health care provider workforce and pervasive misinformation have converged to create a crisis in the eating disorders field.

The National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (NCEED) aim to correct both via a scalable, interactive web-based program that:

  • Delivers high-quality training in evidence-based practice for health care providers from a range of disciplines who are engaged in the treatment of eating disorders
  • Becomes the national resource for eating disorder literacy

NCEED will develop a nationwide network of diverse health care providers who are competent to detect, treat, and prevent eating disorders and empower the public to find reliable and accurate information about eating disorders. In doing so, NCEED will become the national authoritative source for information and training in eating disorders and be a blueprint for other disorders and other countries to address similar crises of information and training.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Review of the challenges patients and families face when seeking information on and/or treatment for eating disorders
  • Description of the impetus for funding the nation’s first federally-designated center of excellence on eating disorders
  • Summarization of the programs, initiatives, and collaborations currently underway within the National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders to help address the challenges faced by patients with eating disorders and their families