Personalizing Mental Health Care at Scale (TIPS 2018)

These remarks were part of the 2018 Technology in Psychiatry Summit, an event sponsored by the McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry, which occurred November 1-2, 2018 at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.

Adam Chekroud, PhD, is an adjunct assistant professor of Psychiatry at Yale University. His research seeks to improve treatment outcomes in mental health, particularly depression, by using large existing datasets to anticipate barriers to treatment and likely illness course. His research has been featured in JAMA Psychiatry, Lancet Psychiatry, Molecular Psychiatry, and PNAS. He is also co-founder of a mental health startup called Spring Health, based in New York City. Spring Health works with large employers like GAP and Whole Foods to provide their employees with free and immediate access to high-quality mental healthcare.

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