Strategies to Successfully Manage Stress During Difficult Times

Available with English captions and subtitles in Spanish.

During the coronavirus crisis, maintaining your mental health and well-being can be a challenge for all of us. Cathy Milliken, LCSW, helps us identify self-defeating behaviors, determine when behaviors may have addictive tendencies, and learn how to manage new circumstances while validating our feelings and our loved ones’ emotions.

As we struggle with the stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to turn to what we normally accept as typical methods of coping, including drinking. However, the incredible amount of stress each one of us is experiencing makes it more important than ever to focus on finding healthy outlets for the pressure we all feel.

While there are many ways of coping, many behaviors are self-defeating and can make us feel even worse during an uncertain time, with many creating damage that can last for years to come.

Milliken shares strategies to help us cope, with a special emphasis on assisting those who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This content is also available in Spanish.

Audience Questions

Milliken also answers a few questions:

  • Discuss how patients and families are accessing or addressing addiction treatment. How has the landscape changed with COVID-19?
  • What is “new normal” going to look like? What happens when people start re-acclimating to everyday life?
  • What would you consider the top stress-reducing strategies that would be good if you’re pressed for time and overwhelmed with the rest of your obligations?
  • How can someone let go of what’s bothering them after a long day of caring for others, especially if they are physically living alone? And do you have any suggestions to keep them motivated and energized for the days moving forward?

About Cathy Milliken

Catherine Milliken, LCSW, LADC, CCS, is the program director of McLean’s Borden Cottage, a Signature Addiction Recovery Program. Before working at McLean, she served as the Addiction Treatment program director at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and an instructor in psychiatry at The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College for close to 10 years.

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