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Whether you are a mental health professional, a patient or loved one, or are just interested in learning more about mental health, McLean Hospital is pleased to offer lectures, seminars, conferences, and more.

Upcoming Events

October 23

Seminario Web: Ansiedad 101

Únete a nosotros para una sesión en la que Ana Trueba Yepez, PhD, va a explicar los síntomas y las causas de la ansiedad, cuándo puede ser necesario buscar ayuda y cómo puedes ayudarte a ti y a tus seres queridos a sentirse más en control cuando experimentan ansiedad continua. This webinar will be conducted entirely in Spanish
Available via livestream only
October 29

Webinar: The Link Between Social Media & Mental Health

Join us as Dr. Lisa Coyne discusses the impact of social media on our mental health, shares how to set ground rules for digital consumption for you and your loved ones, and answers questions about loosening the grasp social media has on so many of us.
Available via livestream only
November 20

Webinar: Simple Ways to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Join us as Eriana Buteau, OTD, discusses the importance of sleep, provides ways to determine what you need for your own sleep hygiene, and answers questions on how to put the “good” back in “good night.”
Available via livestream only

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