Young Adult Mental Health Treatment Programs

Our mental health experts work with young patients and their families to provide support and the skills they need for a lifetime of success. Call us today to talk about treatment options.

Compassionate Care, Exceptional Outcomes

Many mental health issues often emerge during early adulthood, with the onset of many mental illnesses occurring between the ages 16-21. Today, more than ever, high school and college students with proper support, skills, and symptom education are thriving while learning to cope with mental health and adjustment issues.

Call us today to speak to our admission staff to find the treatment option that’s right for you or your loved one.

Key to Success: Mental Health

Like physical illnesses, the sooner mental illness is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcomes. Learn to recognize the signs of mental health challenges and help young people lead a healthy and successful life.

More Options

Dependent on age and diagnosis, a number of our programs for adolescents or adults may be appropriate for young adult patients. Find information on all of McLean’s care options.