Nursing Network – Spring 2023

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May 16, 2023

With the third anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2023, we reflected on how the hospital has adapted to providing excellent care for patients, despite the challenges brought on by COVID.

We continue to be appreciative of the way nurses have stepped up to answer the call to increase census across the hospital while providing outstanding patient-centered care. To meet the increased demand to admit patients waiting in emergency departments, in collaboration with Mass General Brigham System Behavioral Mental Health, we have been able to accept more patients and have done so more rapidly than ever.

Through it all our nursing staff has continued to provide high-quality, evidence-based care for even the most vulnerable of our patients.

This Nursing Network highlights the accomplishments of some of our nursing staff. Join us in congratulating our Margaret C. Tibbetts award winner, Laura Conboy, RN, and Julia Altschule awardee, Sarah Perlo, mental health specialist.

We also want to acknowledge the excellent work done by nurses who advanced in our clinical ladder program: Laura Crupi, RN, BSN, Tier 3, Sheridan Armstrong, ADN, RN, Tier 1, Alex Dunham, BSN, Tier 1, Victoria Maxwell, BSN, Tier 1, and Megan Sly, BSN, RN, Tier 1.

Nursing staff at McLean have much to be proud of and we are so grateful for the care that they provide each and every day.

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Hope and Compassion: Strategies for Dealing with Nursing Burnout
The health care system has been in crisis for a long time, which has led to nursing burnout, compassion fatigue, and even post-traumatic stress. But nurses can’t wait for the system alone to address the problems. It’s incumbent on individuals to devise ways to thrive in the workplace. That entails, among other things, cultivating protective factors like hope and compassion.

Nurse and Mental Health Specialist Receive Top Honors at McLean’s Fall Nursing Conference
Laura Conboy, RN, and Sarah Perlo were honored at the Fall Nursing Conference with two of the department’s most prestigious awards.

Professional Nursing Advancement Program Recognizes Nurses’ Achievements
Five nurses were honored through the professional development program (PNAP) at December’s Nursing Day Conference. PNAP encourages nurses to advance in their profession, rewarding education and certification, clinical skills, research, and leadership—among other accomplishments. It’s a tiered system: tier 4 is the highest level a nurse can attain. Awardees were recognized in the tier 1 and 3 categories.

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