Recent McLean Research Publications – December 2016

January 5, 2017

McLean’s world-class researchers are published in scholarly and scientific journals on topics ranging throughout the fields of psychiatry and neuroscience.

Attending to timely contingencies: promoting physical activity uptake among adults with serious mental illness with an exercise-for-mood vs. an exercise-for-fitness prescription
Hearon BA, Beard C, Kopeski LM, Smits JA, Otto MW, Björgvinsson T. Behavioral Medicine. 2016 Dec 27:0. [Epub ahead of print]

Prevalence of restless legs syndrome during detoxification from alcohol and opioids
Mackie SE, McHugh RK, McDermott K, Griffin ML, Winkelman JW, Weiss RD. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2017 Feb;73:35-39. [Epub ahead of print]

Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for major depressive disorder: a randomized controlled trial
Rosso IM, Killgore WD, Olson EA, Webb CA, Fukunaga R, Auerbach RP, Gogel H, Buchholz JL, Rauch SL. Depression and Anxiety. 2016 Dec 23. [Epub ahead of print]

Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and excretion studies of l-isocorypalmine using ultra high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry
Wang W, Liu J, Zhao X, Peng Y, Wang N, Lee DY, Dai R. Journal of Separation Science. 2016 Dec 23. [Epub ahead of print]

Cortical arousal in children and adolescents with functional neurological symptoms during the auditory oddball task
Kozlowska K, Melkonian D, Spooner CJ, Scher S, Meares R. Neuroimage Clinical. 2016 Oct 23;13:228-236.

Suicidal risks in reports of long-term controlled trials of antidepressants for major depressive disorder II
Baldessarini RJ, Lau WK, Sim J, Sum MY, Sim K. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2016 Dec 20. pii: pyw092. [Epub ahead of print]

Demonstrating test-retest reliability of electrophysiological measures for healthy adults in a multisite study of biomarkers of antidepressant treatment response
Tenke CE, Kayser J, Pechtel P, Webb CA, Dillon DG, Goer F, Murray L, Deldin P, Kurian BT, McGrath PJ, Parsey R, Trivedi M, Fava M, Weissman MM, McInnis M, Abraham K, E Alvarenga J, Alschuler DM, Cooper C, Pizzagalli DA, Bruder GE. Psychophysiology. 2017 Jan;54(1):34-50.

Differential associations of affective temperaments and diagnosis of major affective disorders with suicidal behavior
Baldessarini RJ, Innamorati M, Erbuto D, Serafini G, Fiorillo A, Amore M, Girardi P, Pompili M. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2016 Dec 13;210:19-21. [Epub ahead of print]

Age at menarche predicts age at onset of major affective and anxiety disorders
Tondo L, Pinna M, Serra G, De Chiara L, Baldessarini RJ. European Psychiatry. 2016 Dec 16;39:80-85. [Epub ahead of print]

White matter abnormalities in long-term anabolic-androgenic steroid users: a pilot study
Seitz J, Lyall AE, Kanayama G, Makris N, Hudson JI, Kubicki M, Pope HG Jr, Kaufman MJ. Psychiatry Research. 2016 Dec 10;260:1-5. [Epub ahead of print]

The role of behavioral interventions in buprenorphine maintenance treatment: a review
Carroll KM, Weiss RD. American Journal of Psychiatry. 2016 Dec 16 [Epub ahead of print]

Prevalence of sleep disturbances and their associations with demographic and clinical characteristics and quality of life in older adults in Macao
Nogueira BO, Li L, Meng LR, Ungvari GS, Forester BP, Chiu HF, Kuok KC, Tran L, Liu ZM, Xiang YT. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 2016 Dec 14. [Epub ahead of print]

A cross-validation Delphi method approach to the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders in older adults
Rosowsky E, Young AS, Malloy MC, van Alphen SP, Ellison JM. Aging & Mental Health. 2016 Dec 14:1-8. [Epub ahead of print]

Functional evaluation of a PTSD-associated genetic variant: estradiol regulation and ADCYAP1R1
Mercer KB, Dias B, Shafer D, Maddox SA, Mulle JG, Hu P, Walton J, Ressler KJ. Translational Psychiatry. 2016 Dec 13;6(12):e978.

TRIAD1 is a novel transcriptional target of p53 and regulates nutlin-3a-induced cell death
Lee J, An S, Choi YM, Jung JH, Li L, Meng H, Dong Y, Ahn KJ, An IS, Bae S. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 2016 Dec 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Body image disorders and abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids among men
Pope HG Jr, Khalsa JH, Bhasin S. JAMA. 2017 Jan 3;317(1):23-24.

Commemoration of John Terry Maltsberger (1934-2016)
Ronningstam E, Goldblatt M, Schechter M, Herbstman B; Boston Suicide Study Group. Suicide & Life Threatening Behavior. 2016 Dec;46(6):762-763.

Drug discrimination and the analysis of private events
Kangas BD, Maguire DR. Behavior Analysis (Washington, DC). 2016 Nov;16(4):159-168.

Casting a wide net: role of perineuronal nets in neural plasticity
Sorg BA, Berretta S, Blacktop JM, Fawcett JW, Kitagawa H, Kwok JC, Miquel M. Journal of Neuroscience. 2016 Nov 9;36(45):11459-11468.

Error processing in depressive states: a translational opportunity?
Pizzagalli DA, Carlezon WA. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2017 Jan;42(1):372.

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