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Podcast: Getting Back to Brain Basics With Rick Wolthusen

October 29, 2019

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In this episode, Trevor is joined by Rick Wolthusen, MD, founder and co-director of On the Move e.V. This non-governmental organization is focused on building mental health infrastructure in communities where it often does not exist.

Rick shares with us how mental health is misunderstood in Africa. Misconceptions surrounding mental health in Sub-Saharan Africa include that witchcraft is thought, more commonly than most would anticipate, to be the cause of brain-based illnesses.

Episode Highlights

  • Rick explains how he got involved in mental health in Africa, specifically in Ghana and Kenya (17:08)
  • Rick talks about the effects of Western television on international audiences (33:05)
  • Rick discusses his motivation to study public policy and mental health at Harvard Kennedy School (41:12)

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