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In the Media: Reopening Our Schools

Dr. Gil G. Noam highlights some things that schools can do to help with the developmental, educational, and psychological needs of children returning to school.

In the Media: The Third Month

Dr. Gil G. Noam recommends that people ask whether the time of social distancing has led to new priorities, reflections, and activities, and offers ways to thrive in the months ahead.

Why Kids Need Recess at School

Whether jumping through sprinklers at city parks, chasing soccer balls at camp, or kayaking with family, the quintessential childhood summer is filled with physical activity. Fortunately, summer programming has often reflected that kids need to get outdoors, use their bodies, play, and socialize...

In the Media: Development or Diagnosis?

Dr. Gil G. Noam discusses a recent study that found that younger children were more likely than their older peers in the same class to be diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.