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Earlier Treatment Promotes Better Lives for Young Patients With OCD

A young boy spent eight hours a day on rituals to ensure that his dog was safe, including securing windows and doors and patrolling his home for perceived danger. A teenager’s dread of contracting AIDS cut her off from ordinary experiences like a first kiss. Children and adolescents with...

Breaking Up With OCD: In a Patient’s Words

Fletcher Wortmann is a former patient at McLean’s OCD Institute.

I think that, in a strange way, I used to love my OCD.

That probably sounds insane to you. Looking back it seems insane to me. If your...

Patchwork: One OCD Patient’s Story

Rachel is a former patient at the OCD Institute.

I’m obsessed with “The Real Housewives” and “The Rachel Zoe Project.” And I love to sew. I’ll sit down on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand, and watch a few episodes in a row, sewing by hand or speeding fabric...

Secret Ingredients of OCD Research and Treatment

Last year, I heard a great story on the popular radio show “This American Life” about a family-owned sausage company that could no longer keep up with demand. In some ways, they already had what they wanted—a great business with a solid reputation that employed nearly two dozen of their neighbors...