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Video: Patient Story – Wayne

Available with English captions and subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Wayne is a former patient at McLean’s LEADER program which offers substance addiction and trauma care for first responders.

Journey to Recovery

To help manage the difficulty of his job as a lieutenant at a correctional facility, Wayne would drink for 4-5 hours a day. Drinking wasn’t a pleasure for Wayne, it was a necessity. After branding himself ‘a fat drunk who hated life,’ Wayne went through a horrific detox that landed him in a coma. His addiction to alcohol nearly killed him.

Despite unsuccessful attempts at therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Wayne finally received the treatment he needed to overcome his addiction. Now a captain at the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, Wayne spends time helping his fellow officers when they are struggling. From creating a peer support group to driving his coworkers to and from detox centers, Wayne wants everyone who struggles to know they are not alone.

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April 27, 2018

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