Mclean Hospital
Gil G. Noam, EdD

Gil G. Noam, EdD

McLean Hospital Title:
  • Founder and Director, The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience
Harvard Medical School Title:
  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry


Gil Noam, EdD, is the founder and director of The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Focusing on prevention and resilience, he trained as a clinical and developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst in both Europe and the United States. Dr. Noam has a strong interest in translating research and innovation to support resilience in youth in educational settings and has published over 200 papers, articles, and books on topics related to child and adolescent development and risk and resiliency. He also provides consultation to youth development, education, and child mental health organizations.

Dr. Noam previously served as the director of the risk and prevention program at Harvard and is the founder of the RALLY Prevention Program, an intervention that combines early detection of health, mental health, and learning problems in middle school youth, and pioneers a new professional role—the “prevention practitioner.”


Child & Adolescent


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Education & Training:

  • 1972 BA (equiv.) in Psychology, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany
  • 1975 Dipl. Psych. in Clinical Psychology, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany
  • 1984 EdD in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University
  • 1993 Habilitation (PhD level) in Clinical Psychology University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 1975-1976 Post-Graduate Fellowship, Family Therapy and Research Unit, Judge Baker Guidance Center
  • 1975-1977 APA-Approved Clinical Internship in Psychology, McLean Hospital
  • 1976-1980 Clinical Fellowship in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
  • 1989-1996 Candidate, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
Board Certifications:
  • 1981 Licensed Psychologist, Board of Registration of Psychologists, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 1993 Health Service Provider, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 1996 Psychoanalyst, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and Society




Office Address:

Belmont campus - Pleasant Street Lodge