Gratitude Leads to Long-Term Philanthropy

May 4, 2019

For Tom and Linda, McLean will always be the place that “saved our daughter’s life.” Although it has been more than a decade, they remember well the turbulence of their daughter’s adolescent years and the role McLean played in helping their family navigate. Now a joyful newlywed and a brilliant PhD candidate in cell biology, their daughter is thriving.

“It was a terrifying time,” said Tom. “But McLean was there for us. Thankfully, those days are in our rearview mirror, but we remain invested in and tremendously grateful to the hospital.”

Donors Tom and Linda Baccei
McLean donors Tom and Linda Baccei

Tom and Linda were particularly helped by attending a weekly parent group. They drove the hour-long trek regularly and continued to attend well after their daughter was on the road to recovery, largely to give other parents hope. The experience was so powerful that they created a philanthropic fund to support the group for years to come.

The couple are now enthusiastic members of the McLean Board of Visitors, attending annual meetings and staying up to date on current research and treatment when possible.

They also have joined the Mary Belknap Society, McLean’s leadership annual giving circle, by making yearly unrestricted gifts. More recently, they were welcomed into the John McLean Society when they shared that they had included McLean in their estate plans.

“McLean is an important part of our history. That our daughter would come to have such a successful, independent, and intellectually challenging life was unimaginable when she was sick,” said Linda. “We are thrilled to support McLean in a way that gives the hospital the ability to direct our gifts where they are most useful.

For information on making a legacy gift to the hospital, contact Elizabeth Fieux at 617.855.3453. Or join the Mary Belknap Society now.


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