One Nurse’s Commitment to Learning and Teaching Every Day

February 15, 2021

“At our program, you learn from your coworkers and you learn from your patients every day,” said Florence Morin, RN, a clinical coordinator for McLean Hospital’s Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Inpatient Program, known as AB2. “Also, in our job, you’re always educating people—coworkers, patients, and their families. It’s very rewarding.”

Morin works at an inpatient program that specializes in helping individuals with acute psychiatric illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychotic illnesses. She oversees aspects of the whole program, she explained, “making sure we have adequate staffing so we can provide the highest quality of care to our patients, and working with doctors and social workers on implementing treatment plans.”

It’s a very busy, high-responsibility role, and Morin is grateful for the support of her colleagues to make sure the program runs safely and smoothly, and patients get the help they need. “AB2 is a family,” she said. “We work great as a team, and I really enjoy coming to work every day.”

Florence Morin, RN
Florence Morin, RN

Morin was born and raised in the Philippines and came to the United States in 2002. She has worked in the mental health field since 2007, initially as a counselor in a residential facility that helps adolescent females with complex behavioral problems. She worked at this facility while going to nursing school. Morin came to McLean about five and half years ago, working first as a float nurse. She took on her current role in January 2018.

She has stayed in the mental health field because it provides continuous opportunities to learn and grow, but also because of the satisfaction she feels by helping others. “I enjoy working with the patients at our program day to day,” Morin said. “We have patients from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, histories, and stories. Seeing them get better and go back to their families and community is very rewarding.”

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